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.The Northeast Dulcimer Orchestra
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The Northeast Dulcimer Orchestra

The Northeast Dulcimer Orchestra was established in October of 2013. Based in northeastern Connecticut, the orchestra has members from Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island.

The mountain dulcimer family of instruments includes (from highest to lowest)  Dulcimette, Ginger,  Standard, Baritone, and Bass. Our orchestra has all of these plus a bowed dulcimer and a banjammer!

Our repertoire ranges from Early Music to Classical, Traditional and Contemporary. We meet twice monthly and hope to perform for the public 3 to 4 times a year.

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Mack Johnston - Music Director & Conductor
Melanie Johnston (Steering Committee)
Ellen Pratt (Steering Committee)
Pinky Murphy (Steering Committee)
Jane Mazzotta (Steering Committee)
Carolyn Brodginski (Steering Committee)
Linda Wehnert
Laurie Rocchio Johnson
Carol Rossetti
Joyce Knowlton
Dyanne Crotty
Mary Crotty
Glenna Bishop
Terry White
Lois Peterson
Cate Brodeur


nterested in joining us? Click here for information.


We are grateful to Steve Eulberg,

founder of the Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra, for getting us started and for providing us with some excellent repertoire.Click here to see his library of music for orchestra.

We also thank Ken Bloom who has arranged music for and led many dulcimer orchesras at festivals around the country.

Orchestra music is found in the dedicated/restricted dropbox accessible to members.

For Part assignments, click here.

Instrument Inventory

Among our members we have the entire family of mountain dulcimer instruments. To see what we have and who has what, please see "instrument inventory" pdf in the dropbox.





The leaders of the Northeast Dulcimer Orchestra are moving to N. Carolina in December 2016.

If you are interested in leading a dulcimer orchestra in the CT area, please email: ctmtdulcimer@gmail.com


Poor Wayfaring Stranger
arr. Nina Zanetti


arr, Steve Eulberg


Joy to the World

Precious Lord
arr. Larry Conger


Thanks to videographer, David Ladin for filming our Marlborough Christmas Performances


Orchestra Aids

Orchestra members should understand some standard music notations and markings. Knowing where the notes are on a musical staff and finding them on your dulcimer is also a useful skill to have. Please become familiar with the information in these 2 documents:

What notes are on what frets?

How to understand Sheet Music

Some of you may want to learn how to write dulcimer tablature from standard music. In addition to the list above, you may want to view Tabledit information on the "Playing Resources" page.