Cholchester Connecticut  
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2017 Meetings
January 22 February19

1. Please attend/support the DAA festial in Albany.
March 4-6.

2. Library is closed on
March 26.
NDO will have an all day retreat on March 26 in Hampton.

April 22
May 20
June 24


Library closed - summer vacation


August - Library closed.
No regular Gathering Please attend the August Dulcimer Daze Festival
September 23

October 21

November 18

December - Holiday pary. Date & locationn TDB.

The gathering is scheduled on the third or fourth Saturday of the month depending on other dulcimer festivals or library events. Always check the website for date confirmation.

We play from a book complied by the Dulcimer Association of Albany. The book is $3 and available at the gatherings. Additional music is added as we go. If you are new to the group, please go to the song list page and print off music from the .pdf links there so you will have the entire collection.

The Gathering proceeds in a jam circle setting. To jump start the session and to ensure that everyone comes prepared with the right music, we post a list of 10 to 12 tunes that we will play. Five or Six of those tunes will be based on the "theme" of the month.

In addition to any pre-selected tunes, players are invited to select other tunes as we move around the circle. We have a wide range of tunes on our list, and from the DAA 2006 book so that even beginners should find something suitable.  You may suggest a tune without having to lead it, so no-one is pressured to perform beyond his comfort zone. (You can also "pass"). If you bring a new tune, please bring 15 copies.

We often moderate the pace of a tune for a few rounds, for newer players or those new to the tune. Our members range from beginners to experienced teachers and performers, and players of all skill levels are warmly welcomed. We occasionally invite noted teachers for special sessions. In the past these have included Steven Siefert, Heidi Cerrigone, and Sandy Lafleur

In addition to our song list and the DAA 2006 booklet, many of us have and like to play from the following books:

Old Tunes Baked Fresh - Kristen Gitler

Tunes Twice Stitched - Kristin Gitler

The Softer Side of Dulcimer - Nina Zanetti

Heart's Delight - Sandy LaFleur

Tailless Tunes1 and 2 - Carol Walker






Next Gathering

Upcoming Gatherings
for 2017:


click here for information


If you need copies of our tunes click here to go to our music list

If you have other songs to share at the gathering, please bring 10 copies.



Cragin Memorial Library
8 Linwood Avenue  
Colchester, CT 06415-1104.


Open to ALL dulcimer players!
Other acoustic instruments
also welcome.
Hope to see you there!

Things to bring:

  • a pencil for notes
  • a capo
  • your dulcimer(s) regular, dulcimette, baritone or bass dulcimer- whatever you have!


If a pdf is posted here it is in the public domain, or used by permission for this Gathering. There are also some sound file links above. Feel free to search youtube to find others.