Digital Jams!

ZOOM Jam - Held twice a month (usually on Thursdays) at 7pm. Upcoming Dates and themes:

5/20  -  Strictly Old Time

To access the Zoom link click HERE


You should not need to enter meeting ID or password, but if you need them
Meeting ID: 880 0247 7865
Password: 304798


Get the tab for the Zoom jam HERE



MUSIC LIBRARY - To Access our library of tablature CLICK HERE - Dulcimer Tab, Events, Club listings, Builders, Teachers

Dulcimer Bags and Stands

The Dulcimer Bag Lady/Thistle Dew Acres makes beautiful, well constructed and well padded mountain dulcimer cases and great canvas music stands. 

Craggy Mountain Music also makes very nice cases:


From Paper to Tablet......

Tired of carrying around heavy notebooks of music, unnecessary duplicates and still not having the right piece at the right time? Get yourself an ipad or Android tablet and let technology be your friend. 

Scan or otherwise get your sheet music into pdf format. 

If you have an ipad, download Forscore ( from the app store. 

If you have an Android Tablet download Mobilesheets ( to your tablet and Mobilesheets Companion to your PC. 

These apps are under $10. They will alphabetize your sheet music, From there you can create set lists, highlight & annotate and much more. 

For the full Monty, get an Air Turn BT 105 foot pedal. Works with both Android tablets and ipads. Costs about $120. Works with the software and turns pages via your feet.

Tabledit............pronounced with a short a like Tab, NOT Table

TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for dulcimer and other fretted, stringed instruments, including mandolin and bass. The $60 price is very reasonable for this powerful program. You can download a limited trial version from the website if you want to try first or just play tabledit music files on your computer.



Different Shapes, Extra Frets - What's it all about? 

Here is a good concise overview of the various shapes and options for mountain dulcimers. Use it to help you understand what you have or in making a decision for your next purchase.


Strings and Things

Not all dulcimers are built the same! Take a look at your current strings to determine if you need ball or loop end strings. 

String Gauge Guide
Standard Dulcimer: 
Melody String: 11 or 12 gauge 
Middle String: 14 gauge 
Bass String: 22 or 24 wound bronze 

Individual Maker recommendations: 

Ron Ewing uses 12, 16, 24 wound 
Janita Baker uses 12, 14, 24 wound 
D'Addario uses 12, 14, 22 wound 

Ron Ewing uses: 10, 14, 20 wound 

Janita Baker (Blue Lion) uses 16, 24 wound, 32 wound 
Ron Ewing uses: 14, 20 wound 32 wound 

Sally Rogers uses these: 0.24, 0.32, 0.42. 
Janita Baker uses 4 equidistant strings: .24, 28w, 32w, 52w 

String gauge calculator to determine the best string gauge for your dulcimer