Who we are

In 2011, a group of mountain dulcimer enthusiasts from Eastern Connecticut formed a monthly gathering to share the beauty of this original American folk instrument with others. 7 years and many more players later, a 2nd group now gathers monthly in Killingly.

While the gatherings focus on the mountain dulcimer, players of other acoustic instruments are also invited to participate.

Each month we gather to 

  • play a lot of music
  • improve our playing skills
  • teach and encourage new players
  • provide a forum where intermediate and advanced players can be challenged and continue to advance their skills
  • increase the appreciation for the mountain dulcimer and dulcimer music in the community

and most important

  • to have fun 

We do our best to post music, or links to music we will play for  each gathering. (See the RESOURCES page for our tab library.) Please feel free to bring copies of tab you like to share with the group.

    Learn more about the dulcimer and the Connecticut group in the video below.